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01 May 2008 @ 02:13 pm
MTC Photo shoot!  
I did a little photo shoot today for MTC. My friend Mia (sell_elliot - who I actually met as a customer who happened to live near us!) recruited her friend Trista and her new little baby Isabella to do a new infant carry tutorial for me. After the photo shoot (at the mall) we got cookies at Mrs. Fields and then walked over to Starbucks. After Starbucks we picked up Burger King and went to the park. We got home at nap time and Bea was POOPED!

Check out the site soon for the full tutorials :)

part of Trista & Isabella's newbort carry demo

Happy Alice hanging out in Isabella's stroller while we shot Mia

Mia and lucas demonstrate the back carry with a support twist.

Bea's new best friend forever Derek ("D-E-R-E-K!")

one of the Starbucks employees came out and offered to take a group shot :)

Yes, she is always this happy.