Little BuhNee (littlebuhnee) wrote in meitaicarrier,
Little BuhNee

Looking for testers:

Does anyone here want to do testing for me on a line of summer carriers I'm working on? The testers will be solid-colored with no extras (your choice of color; see below). The body will have a panel like the Deluxe carriers [examples], but made with white Solarweave instead of a print. You would just pay for materials and shipping ($25 total), use the carrier for a week or two, and then answer some questions for me. The carrier would be yours to keep after that.

The testers will be in the following colors [Color Chart]:

Regular: Blueberry, Chocolate, Ice, Sunflower Seed
XL Straps: Blueberry, Chocolate, Licorice

Err on the side of larger if you're unsure of sizing. I'm currently working through my old stash of shorter straps, which are ~69" shoulder and ~27" waist regular, and ~79" shoulder and ~32 waist for XL. No extra cost for the extra length.

Please comment (screened) with strap length, color, and email address if you're interested. I'm looking for 3-5 people. I currently have no outstanding orders, so making them will be first-come, first served, ~one week turnaround. If you really want to do testing but absolutely hate the colors available, email me ( to work something out.

Thank you!
-- Nisha :)

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