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This just in!

There was a package waiting outside my door on Friday. A brand new print, hand-picked by my husband, just for babywearing dads! Look under the cut for the gorgeous details!

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The print is called Nico Spice by Richloom Studio. I was sad when Holly's "Jason Circles" pattern went out of print, so I was thrilled when this one popped up. I hope you're excited as I am to get your special guy into these new carriers!
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wedding me 2


Hello, mamas! My name is Nisha, and I'm the new owner of MeiTaiCarrier.Com LLC! MTC will be officially re-opening in January of 2011, and I am so thrilled to be able to continue on with Holly's wonderful work. Until then, you can purchase one of the last remaining of Holly's originals on MTC's HyenaCart! For a limited time, use the coupon WELCOMEBACK to get an additional 20% off!

Take care, and see you soon!
-- Nisha

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I just got my MTC today! I LOVE it. My little girl has been in a mei tai once and when she saw what it was she said, "Ooo!! Mommy back." She is just as excited as I am. It is even cuter in person and very well made. Thanks Holly!!!
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MTC Photo shoot!

I did a little photo shoot today for MTC. My friend Mia (sell_elliot - who I actually met as a customer who happened to live near us!) recruited her friend Trista and her new little baby Isabella to do a new infant carry tutorial for me. After the photo shoot (at the mall) we got cookies at Mrs. Fields and then walked over to Starbucks. After Starbucks we picked up Burger King and went to the park. We got home at nap time and Bea was POOPED!

Check out the site soon for the full tutorials :)

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MTC stocking & poll

I am preparing my first batch of carrier for my return stocking on April 11 and I am having trouble deciding whether or not to offer hoods with the carriers. I am no longer going to be taking custom orders. I am going to start with stocking every other Friday with a few strap/print combos of my choosing and then eventually only stock a large amount of carriers seasonally, with 4-6 combos for each season.

Poll #1162619 MTC HOODS

Which would you perfer

All carriers include a detachable hood
Some strap/print combos are offered with a hood, some are not
No hood offered

babywearing research

Hello ladies, as some of you might already know I am a senior Cultural Anthropology student at Temple University in Philadelphia and I’m currently interested in studying/researching the ancient practice of babywearing. If at all possible and if any of you have time to write me up a little bio of yourselves and babywearing. I’ve written some questions that might spark up your memories but feel free to write as much or as little as you’d like. As I’ve come to find out many parents believe babywearing to be the ultimate way to bring up a baby. Although this practice isn’t as widely accepted as I previously thought there is a definite following. I’ve written a few questions that might help to bring up some memories of your first days of babywearing.

When did you first hear or see babywearers?
How do you think your parenting techniques differ from the techniques of your stroller using parents?
What are some obvious benefits to the baby?
Would you consider yourself to practice attachment parenting?
How much research have you done on your own previously to babywearing?
Why do you think some new parents might feel intimidated by babywearing?
How do family members or random people on the street look at you while babywearing?
Have you tried all different kinds of slings and wraps? Have you found that different wraps/slings work best for differently for babies of different size?
If you have other children, have you always used baby slings? How does currently using a sling help with daily activities?
Does the baby’s father carry the baby in a sling? How does he feel as far as it not being “masculine” enough? Comments from other dads?
What are some of the first memories of babywearing…such as the first time going out shopping, walking around the city, etc?

Please e-mail responses to And if anyone is from the Philadelphia area it would be even more helpful. THANK YOU!!
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